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About Viabizzuno distributed by Cirrus Lighting

Viabizzuno, a company that, for 20 years, has been getting together experience, knowledge, and research to express at the best its way of designing light.
Viabizzuno design concept may be identified with its logo, a white space crossed by two lines: a vertical, rigorous, balanced, neat line, For m, and a sloping, irreverent, ironic one, Alvaline, breaking the rules.
the point of intersection of the two lines is represented by UpO ufficio progettazione ombre (shadows design office), a group of 45 designers of multidisciplinary skills and experiences; about 130 people are presently employed in the company, 5 the showrooms Viabizzuno inmilano, inrimini, inroma, inbarcellona and inlondra
Viabizzuno casa in bentivoglio, bologna, is the space where everyday we design new lighting systems to face any lighting requirements. we work with designers from any part of the world but we absolutely trust on a principle: our products must be manufactured in italy.
to us, to design is a way to establish a relationship with life. to us, to design is form of the verb to love.
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